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Do you think you're a singer? So what?
What good is it?

Maybe you think you're as good as a lot of them out there...with successful careers! So what do you think THEY did? How did THEY get to that level? Actually, many of them started out on small independent labels AND paid for their own sessions as well. Surprised?

Grammy winners, Country Music Awards, Concert tours and Grand Ole Opry status were achieved by many artists including Reba McIntire and Garth Brooks who both became Superstars. So it IS possible to be a singer AND have a chance for a career in Country Music. So what do you do?

Where do you start? YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL DEMO! If you write songs, use your own. If you don't write your own material, I can help you find great songs from proven Nashville songwriters.

WHERE DO THE GREAT HITS OF TODAY COME FROM? Most of the chart records are recorded in NASHVILLE with some of the best musicians in the world working the studio on a daily basis recording hit after hit. Doesn't it make sense to consider using these people to record on your Demo as well? You don't think it can be done or it will be beyond your means? Is this reserved only for OTHER singers but not YOU? WHY should THAT be? Okay, let's take a closer look.

RECORD your voice on a home recorder...perhaps with a rhythm guitar or piano. Or even without any music at all behind you...just singing any song...Just so I can hear your voice. Then send me an email to tell me you have a recording that I can listen to. I'll answer you and tell you when to send it. Send your phone number as well because I may want to talk to you about it.

WITH A DEMO OF SUPERB QUALITY, you have something to present to the music industry. That's the beginning. You can send it to record labels, put it on the Internet, send it to radio stations, and use promotional people to get on the charts plus many other ways to help you develop a relationship with the country music industry.

SO IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR DAY JOB; then have a happy life. But if you want to take a chance and let your talents pave your way to potential success then follow through with your dreams. GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!

MY BACKGROUND AND A LIST OF MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS is below for you to review. Let me hear from you...

  • Jim played on the Grand Ole Opry stage for over thirty years as a pianist with most of the Opry stars of the 70's, 80's, and 90's and later produced several of their recording projects.
  •  Jim had numerous occasions to play piano instrumentals on the radio broadcast portions of the Grand Ole Opry over the many years he was there.
  •  He later formed The Nashville Express (A seven-piece show band) to back Opry and other country music stars on concert appearances. You could see his bus bouncing up and down the highways gong from performance to performance. He disbanded the group after five years to devote more time to his expanding production responsibilities.
  • Vince Gill has referred to Jim Pierce as a Country Music Legend. His accolades and accomplishments certainly attest to that statement.